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Company History

I have always been a car enthusiast and have always enjoyed driving, and so when my son became 17 he also had a burning desire to pass his test and have a car.

On my son`s 17th birthday he took his driving theory test and passed first time. He then booked his practical driving test in Hastings and his test date was just four and a half weeks away. I was teaching him to drive so with just over a week to go I booked him in with a driving instructor in Hastings to polish his driving skills as it were, and to practice his driving in the Hastings area. The Instructor congratulated me on how well I had taught him to drive and that he had already been taught to a good standard.

The day of the driving test came for my son and he was successful in his driving test and passed first time.
It was at this point that I decided to become a Driving Instructor.  I decided that I wanted to be able to give something to others, a skill that would enable them to not only pass their test but a skill that would stay with them for life, and give them safe driving for life.

Pupil Testimonials

"In Nov 06 I had a quite serious motorcycle accident which absolutely destroyed my confidence and brought my road use to a complete halt. I relied on my mum for a couple more years till I eventually plucked up the courage to get back on the road . I decided to do an intensive driving course and went online and after ringing and emailing round a few I found a good course, 30 hours spread over 6 days with my driving test at the end . my first impressions of my driving instructor Steve were that he was very professional and easy to get on with (a relief as I didn't get on with my previous instructor) . My first couple of hours in the car were nerve racking to say the least but Steve kept me very calm and focused . over a few days I progressed fast with Steve picking up on my every mistake (no matter how small) and bit by bit preventing me from making the mistakes again . (god knows how he stayed patient with me) anyway 6 days passes fast when your driving all day but soon enough it was Friday and I was on my way to the test centre feeling more nervous than ever but Steve reassured me and took one final check over the bits I had to focus on most . now bearing in mind in the space of 6 days I had gone from nervous wreck to , well nervous wreck I didn't think I was ready . but I passed , with only 3 minors on my first attempt . I would definitely recommend 'Always Passing' as I was pretty much convinced I wasn't going to be able to do it but I did . and that's thanks to good teaching. if you want to learn to drive well I would strongly recommend Steve Briscoe."

Ben from Crowborough

"Steve is a great driving instructor.  He is patient, thorough and most of all, really encouraging.  As well as teaching me how to drive safely, Steve helped me to drive confidently which is essential when you are out there on your own after passing your test.  I would recommend Steve to anyone wanting to learn how to drive."

Molly from Lewes

I started driving not long after my 17th birthday, after choosing Steve (Always Passing) as his rates were very competitive. Steve made me feel relaxed from the very start, enabling me to not only enjoy driving but also to have a sense of achievement from one driving lesson to the next. 
Steve managed to balance the seriousness of safe driving as well as a having a laugh which often made me feel I was just driving around with a mate.
As my test got nearer I didn't think that I could pass, however I did and was really pleased. This to me proved that Steve's teaching was spot on, he had confidence in me even though I may not have had it in myself and that's what helped me pass my test first time.          
One of the last things Steve said to me when he dropped me home from my test was; 'After people have passed their test they may occasionally start crossing their arms while steering, or flashing their lights to let people go, don't worry about any of that just make sure that you always check your mirrors they are one of the single most important parts to safe driving'. This proved to me that Steve was not only concerned about his pupils passing their driving test but also their road safety afterwards. 
So many people think the quicker you pass your driving test the better you are at driving, I would disagree! Instead I think the more supervised, professional teaching you receive the greater experience you gain and therefore the more equipped you are for driving on your own.
I will be recommending Steve to anyone I know who wants to start learning to drive.
Tom (Eastbourne)

I found steve an enthusiastic instructor who is very easy going and friendly, this helped me pass quickly and efficiantly.
   Yannis (Seaford)

I would like to thank you for teaching me the past 3 - 4 month, i enjoyed every second and talking to steve, i felt comfortable and felt i was learning at my own pace and passed my driving test first time with a completely clear round with no minor faults,  i recommend Always Passing to new drivers or experianced drivers. Once again Thanks steve really appreciate it.                                                                    
 Lee (Hampden Park)

I started learning with Steve in February 2010. Right from the start Steve was always good natured, enthusiastic and very patient, even when you made a daft mistake (which I did quite a few times!!). Steve always made me feel comfortable when I was learning with him and I found it very easy to trust him. He never minded showing you something several times over and I was never afraid to ask a question about anything. A good aspect of Steve's lessons was that he not only showed you how to do something right but also what to do if something went wrong and how to correct it. This has helped me stay calm and think things through when I have made a mistake. We went out in varying conditions from bright sunshine to pouring rain, snow and pitch dark. These experiences will prove invaluable to me in the future. 

Steve said to me after I passed that you will flash to let people out or forget a signal now and then, but one thing he really stressed is to always check mirrors and blindspots. Also that you NEVER stop learning once you have passed your test. This showed me that he really cared about his job and teaching people good habits even after they had passed their test. I passed first time on the 17th December with only 4 minors. I would highly recommend Steve for any new driver or someone who perhaps has had their confidence knocked for one reason or another. 

Once again thanks Steve, really appreciate the time and effort you gave in teaching me.

                                                                                                                         Richard Jones, Hailsham

Steve is a perfect example of someone that has patience and the 'drive' to help all of his students pass, no matter how slow or inexperienced they learn; i had been learning for just over a full year so I would know!  Steve is very friendly, funny and you wouldn't think he's lived a day over 21! heck, if your lucky you may even get some extra drifting, i mean handbrake control in the snow! And learning how control a skid in the snow.
My tip for early learning drivers is to just take as much time as it needs to pass, its not just about being allowed on the road, its about being allowed on the road SAFELY, and Steve has certainly helped me achieve this. I passed first time with only 5 minors!
                                                                                                             Jezz (Horam)


I began driving lessons when I was 17, however I did not get on with the instructor, consequantly I stopped my driving lessions until I was 22 when I gave Steve a call and booked some lessons.

Steve is a good insturctor with the patience of a saint, If you are unsure of anything just ask, he is good at explaining and doesn't mind explaining in differant ways if you are unsure after the initial explanation.

                                                                                                                        Kindest Regards James Scammell.



Learning to drive with Steve is an enjoyable and reassuring experience.  If you have Steve teaching to drive you will be eased into the world behind the wheel by a professional, reliable and friendly instructor at a pace which is best suited to your own needs.  By covering all techniques and road conditions in a thorough manner, from parallel parking to navigating country lanes, your motoring knowledge and skills will progressively increase to a point where you will be more than capable of passing your test.  And no matter how many times you are unsure of something, Steve will happily go out of his way to make sure that it no longer becomes a burden.  Having been recommended by a couple of friends to learn with Always Passing, I certainly haven’t been disappointed. And on the 1st of march I passed my driving test first time.


Tim Grice, Hailsham

I started driving years ago but have never been good at theory so stopped and put of driving,then my mum bought my first car and i went out driving with my husband!after 4 years and having 3 children i decided enough was enough i needed to drive so in january i passed my theory test,then my husband booked me some lessons with steve,who is a great instructor and very patient,he will keep talking through things with you until your confident to try on your own!I was very nervous before my test and convinced id fail but on the first of april this yr i passed first time with 5 minors,so i would recommend steve and i will to friends and family!thanks steve so much for helping me pass and giving me my new found freedom!
Cara Scammell from hailsham,

Steve is a fantastic driving instructor and I could not have asked for anyone more patient or encouraging. I found that Steve was very easy to get along with and we often had a good laugh during the lessons. Steve would always go over anything I was unsure about or find other ways of explaining something if I still didn’t understand!  I think that Steve was very good at explaining everything in detail and applying it to different situations which really helped to improve my confidence. I also felt that on the day of my test, Steve was very supportive and this really helped me.  I really enjoyed my driving lessons and I passed my driving test 1st time on the 1st of July with six minors.

Emily Woodhams Polegate

Steve is not only a brilliant driving instructor but also a genuinely nice guy. He's so patiant and is always positive it made me feel relaxed when behind the wheel. Steve doesn't just teach you the bare minimum you need to pass your test, he really does go out of his way to teach you little things which does drastically improve your driving ability. I passed first time on the 12th July 2011

with only 4 minors, which i was really pleased about as my brother had also passed first time with steve so the pressure was on! and i don't think i could have done that if i had a different instructor.

Rob Jones Hailsham

I started learning with Steve in the beginning of 2011. From the first lesson i felt comfortable and safe with Steve, I was so nervous before my first lesson but Steve is so reassuring and really calmed my nerves. Steve allowed me to go at my own pace and didn't rush me at all, he just wanted to make sure he had taught me everything possible so I would then be safe on the road in the future!!! Experiencing learning to drive with Steve was very enjoyable, I really looked forward to my driving lessons as he seems to make me love driving so much! Steve never gets stressy (unlike parents!) with you when you make a mistake, he just takes this as a good thing as he then knows where practice is needed. I passed both my theory and practical test first time with only 2 minors and don't think I could have done this so stress free with any other teacher! Not only are Steve's compatible prices a good thing, but you get so much out of one lesson too. I highly recommended going with Always Passing to all of my friends now as it was such an enjoyable experience of learning to do something! (which is rare) Many thanks Steve!
Laura Field (Hailsham) 

just want to say thanks steve once again,any one wanting driving tuition then always passing .totaly fantastic and steve such a good instructor
and will make any pupil feel at ease and wont break the bank very reasonable .so thanks again steve top bloke top instructor .

Rob Saunders Eastbourne

I started learning with Steve in February 2011. I was so nervous before my first lesson, but immediately as I got in the car I knew I was in safe hands. Steve is not only a patient, reliable and fantastic instructor, but also is a genuinely nice guy. I looked forward to every driving lesson, and even if I felt like had driven really badly, Steve still always made me feel like I was improving as he encouraged me to learn from my mistakes. Unlike other driving instructors, Steve cares for us as drivers even after we have taken our tests, making sure we are at a standard, not only to pass the test, but be a good and safe driver for life. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and 'learner driver' experience. Despite the excitement of passing my test (with only 4 minors), I will really miss my driving lessons! Steve is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and I would deffinately reccomend Always Passing Driving School to absolutely everybody! Thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Issy Hoole

Hey Steve, sorry it's taken so long to get this to you (A-Level's have a horrible habit of stopping things happening!)

Here it is:

"Steve is a fantastic guy to learn to drive with. His main concern is not only you as a pupil, but then as a new driver out on the open (and often hectic!) road. Steve will take you through everything you need to pass your test, and beyond, and ensures you are really ready for your test. Be it driving in town, or learning how to use faster roads safely, Steve took me through it all with plenty of patience, giving me lots of experience in different situations, as well as being really good company. Being able to get on well with your instructor is important, and that requires little effort with Steve. Very easy to chat to and have a laugh with, Steve makes learning to drive a pleasant experience! I want thank Steve for getting me to the stage where I can now just simply, and safely, enjoy driving!"

How's the new Yaris doing? I always try to give a little wave every time I see you when I'm out in the Lupo. I just want to personally thank you for getting me up and out on the road, I absolutely love driving now, whether it be running people here and there, or simply just going out for a good old drive!!!


Josh Hoole : )

I started driving lessons after deciding not to go to uni and chose Steve as he had the most competitive rates and I had a friend who was also using him and rated him very highly. She was defiantly right. I highly enjoyed my lessons with Steve and passed both my theory and practical test within 8 months with only 4 minors on the 20/12/11. Absolutely fantastic instructor very patient and will teach you everything you need to know for both your theory and practical making you feel very prepared. Even though I was nervous Steve was very reassuring and always kept calm in lessons and would always listen to what I wanted to do in a lesson to best suit my needs! Steve is one of the most genuine instructors you'll meet and does care about how his students do as shown by getting a congrats card for passing my test!  I'll miss my lessons Steve thank you for everything you really taught me a lot.

Laura Collins Ringmer

Heya Steve,
Hope you are doing ok. Here is my testimonial hope its all ok!
Thank you for everything learning to drive with you was brilliant!!  Thad.

I started learning to drive in August 2011 with Steve having been recommended to him by several of my friends who were already learning with him as they all got on brilliantly with Steve. From my very first lesson I knew that I was going to really enjoy learning to drive. Steve is a great instructor and is friendly, encouraging and a genuinely lovely guy who is very professional. After just 5 months of lessons in January 2012 I passed my test first time with only 3 minors. This achievement was down to the brilliant teaching I had received which is second to none. Steve not only got me through my test but has taught me how to be a safe driver which is incredibly valuable and important. I will miss having driving lessons and Steve now that it is over but I appreciate everything that he has done for me so much. I would recommend anyone who is looking to learn to drive to go with Always Passing Driving School!!! Thank you Steve!!

Thad Dixon Eastbourne

I started learning to drive with Steve in September 2011 and found it very enjoyable. He was a patient and enthusiastic instructor who taught me to drive in the real world and didn’t just give me the skills to pass my test but skills every driver should have. I had real confidence with all aspects of driving by the time it came to my test and Steve’s hard work was felt when I passed first time with only 2 minors. Would recommend Always Passing Driving School and Steve if you are thinking about starting driving lessons. Thanks Steve.
Peter Hill (Hailsham)

Hi Steve here's my testimonial I hope it's ok. 

I started driving lessons with Steve in March 2011, at first I was really nervous but Steve made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and he was always patient with me. Steve is a very reliable person and he makes learning to drive an enjoyable and fun experience. Unlike some other driving instructors Steve will only tell you to book your test if he feels you’re fully prepared to not only pass, but to be a confident and safe driver afterwards. After passing my test with only 3 minors, the examiner congratulated Steve on how well he had taught me. I would definitely recommend Steve to everyone as he is a brilliant teacher!  Thank you Steve!

Franki Rebbeck Hailsham

I first started learning with Steve in may 2011, I was recommended by a family member and also a family friend who spoke very highly of him. On my first lesson I was worried I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my instructor, but Steve is a fantastic guy and he's very patient and enthusiastic about his job.He's friendly and funny which makes a driving lesson educational but fun at the same time.
Steve managed to balance the seriousness of safe driving as well as a having a laugh, which often made me feel I was just driving around and felt relaxed.

I thought it would take me longer until I was ready for my test, but with Steve teaching me I was ready on the 18/1/12.As my test approached I was getting nervous but he reassured me that I was ready. I know for a fact that if I hadn’t' of learnt with Steve I wouldn’t of passed first time with only four minors. I would like to thank him for being such an amazing instructor I enjoyed nearly every minute of it (the less stressful parts).
I would highly recommended him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.
love laura Dunster xx

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